Payroll and Outsourced HR Services

Our Mission at TCG Services:

Create customized solutions geared towards improving a company’s inefficiencies by outsourcing the non-revenue generating, human resource functions of the core business.

Payroll Processing can be a tangled web for the unfamiliar. Hiring an employee and eventually paying this person activates your employer reporting account. Federal and State agencies are now on alert to your responsibility as an employer including deposits, filings, reconciliations and returns. Who you entrust with this role is critical to your peace of mind. TCG Payroll Processing is an award winning service, allow TCG Payroll Processing to provide the exemption you really need.

The burden of processing payroll alone can be heavy. Your options in producing payroll are simple: A – Self Prepare, B – Pay check type service,
C – Bundled Full Service Outsource:

  • A: If you are a CPA or have an educated background in accounting, this option could serve you well. If not, you just subjected yourself to costly tax oversights and possible compliance loss.
  • B: A check service, or commonly called ASO services is a deviation of (A) above. In this scenario you’ve basically freed up some time for you to run your business but are ultimately liable for any mishaps from your selected payroll / CFO responsibilities. In this case, you’d be wise to hire a CPA to oversee the processing and filing of all taxes. While you have freed up some time, you are now incurring two costs for the same function while sustaining liability. TCG Services can assist consult with you in this situation.
  • C: TCG Payroll Processing here in Phoenix, is a decorated full service payroll processing company. Proficient with all industries, we tailor a service program unique to your needs. TCG will be your PEO Provider if requested. As a PEO, TCG becomes your co-employer and is solely responsible for all employer reporting requirements. With TCG Payroll Processing as your co-employer (PEO) you are now free to run your business, avoid secondary costs and reduce employer liability. TCG Services is a National PEO organization.

Payroll Advantages:

• Big company benefits, reduced liabilities,
and improved productivity
• Reduce turnover and attract better
• Outsource employee-related administrative
• Concentrate on the revenue-producing side
of your operation
• Create a safe and enthusiastic work
• Meet the needs of your unique company
• Offer co-management of key human
• Reduce headaches and exposure
associated with employee management
• Receive access to experts in our network of
HR, Risk Management, and Payroll
• Implement practices that will maximize or
improve on your current benefits
• Customize and provide a better benefits
package to your employees
• Reduce accounting costs as it relates to
• Get one-stop shopping to handle all your
payroll and human resource needs.
• Focus on overall productivity of your core
• Manage risk and maintain compliance
Certified Human Resource services

Benefits Administration

• Individual Health Plans for employees
• Voluntary Short/Long Term Disability Plans/Life
• Insurance 401K Plan
• Administration of Individual, Small and Large Group
• Health Benefits

Human Resources Services:

• Employee New Hire Applications
• Employee Verification & Employee Handbooks
• Assist with Recruiting Key Employees
• Assist with Human Resource Compliance
• Assist with Training and Advice on Human Resource
• Administer Unemployment Claims and Cobra for
Eligible Employees

Risk Management Services:

• Loss Prevention/Loss Control/Back-to-Work
• Programs CPR/First Aid Training
• Provide Safety Manual & Industry Specific
• Training Federal & State Posters (Required) Accident
• Provide Worker’s Compensation Coverage
• Administration Management
• Claims Management
• Assist in Workers Compensation Costs

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