TCG Services creates customized solutions geared towards improving a company’s inefficiencies by outsourcing the non-revenue generating, human resource functions of the core business. See why TCG Services has been recognized since 1994 as Arizona’s Premier Payroll Companyfor over 20 plus years TCG Services in Phoenix has provided Award winning services for HR services. While our resources provide our clients with cutting edge technology, we are a people first company. We believe technology, while convenient, should not replace a pressing of the palm or an understanding voice. We manage to provide all clients concierge service — no prompts and no redirecting.

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Payroll Services in Arizona

Payroll services individualized for your companies needs.

Payroll Processing can be a tangled web for the unfamiliar. Hiring an employee and eventually paying this person activates your employer reporting account. Federal and State agencies are now on alert to your responsibility as an employer including deposits, filings, reconciliations and returns. Who you entrust with this role is critical to your peace of mind. TCG Payroll processing is an award winning application & service. Allow TCG Payroll Processing to provide the exemption you really need.

TCG Services has friendly staff available 24 hours to assist you in all your needs. One touch service, no waiting. TCG Services is a full service payroll processing company/employee leasing & temporary staffing company decorated with two years consecutive awards for service in the field of payroll and human resources. Our CPAs, CPPs and CRs are proficient with all industries, and certainly capable of customizing your needs. Contact us today, you deserve it.

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Staffing Agency Arizona

Outsourcing with a Temporary Staffing Agency is a sound way to reduce recruiting costs. TCG Staffing Services assures top quality recruitment, interviewing and testing.

  • Temporary or Permanent Placement
  • Hiring the right staff makes all the difference
  • Trained professional staff for any special event
  • With geo-tracking, you can always count on timely arrivals
  • Our staffing assures safety first

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